Attitude of Gratitude

In his dark and gloomy time we have to find as many reasons as possible to have a little smile or a chuckle. When it is the darkest and gloomiest I am still amazed that the smallest things can make my heart sing – sometimes it’s just a very small little song, but who says it is all about size?. Today, it was the bird singing  as it got light…even though it woke me up. Just this week I have heard them after a long period of silence..they know it’s all startin to come alive..the sap is rising.

I sung with a bunch of great people last night and some more this afternoon -all just for no other reason than loving to sing.

It was a clear sky today there was a shiny  full  moon in the sky tonight. There is food in the oven..There is darkness and despair, but there is light and hope and song. So in an attitude of graditude, I say thank you.


Today a very special artist. The Blackbird!

Blackbird Singing ( click to play)

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