images-1After much sweat and almost tears the shop is now  BELOW IS THE LINK ..please drop in .

3 bucket jones – the shop

We open for business!

It is going well…A little bit of a headache with the digital downloads at first, but slowly with  a little help from my friends it is all working well. I am quite proud of myself…A cottage industry is emerging! It seems that ordering the real CD is working. Sales are happening slowly and steadily but it is a  slow process, as  many people think  about buying the CD and then don’t get round to it in this busy world, so at the moment I am reliant on the real movers and a shakers who have seen the process to the end…and have got their lovely CDs arriving through the post..thanks…if you have not yet…there is no hurry!

People tell me it can take a year from the cd coming out… if you are creating your own buzz . I imagine the difference between working in a large chain store ( a major label) and setting  your own pitch at the farmers market ( independent trader) it might be harder work but it feels good.

Now I am starting to send CDs to Radio Stations and Blog reviewers and such like.

Have just got a little slot on Croydon Radio (proud)..they will be playing Mended several times over the next month…baby steps…baby steps….

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