My oh my! Awake at 5.45am, before the alarm went off, in a cab at 6.30am and sitting in the ferry  caff drinking white tea at 6.45am. By 7.10am, on the ferry eating bacon, tomatoes and corn bread ( I brought my own bread).

If you have time on your hand, this ferry is the way to travel. The Ulysses is the biggest ferry I have ever seen (obviously don’t get out much)…. In this photo, I am drinking my tea on the first floor of the portand the ferry just towers above – I believe it has not missed a crossing in it’s 10 year life…and I bet there have been some stormy seas in the Irish sea over that time! It holds 2000 people, I think there were only a hundred  people on it today.  Quiet and so calm. I got masses of work done…walked round the deck. Marvellous!

Made the train at Holyhead to London by one minute with a bit too much running for my liking! Back home, which feels good, and I seem remarkably awake for someone who spent  over 24 hours on boats, tubes, buses and trains this weekend, so  a big  thank you  to singing in Dublin! Now where is that hypnotherapist, I might have to start working on my flying phobia.

SONG OF THE DAY Echo Beach -Martha and the Muffins

It must be all the sea I saw today that made me think of this.

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