Aliens have been sighted…..

My Gitika disguise worked a treat

The Bishopsgate  Singers went like clockwork, everyone sang, everyone laughed no-one even noticed I was covering for Gitika Ha HA ! I knew I could do it, I think it was not so much my conducting, as my choice of wig and gown that fooled them. So apart from some complaints about the long tea break (2 hours) it was a total triumph, now to just get the hang of this Bloggy woggy stuff and I will be there.

the moment just before the breakdown.

Gitika is much better now. Doctor said its all in her head and there are no physical problems at all, most relieved. He has recommended a heavy sedative and complete rest from singing and blogging for the next few months. I have phoned the zoo and complained about the Lion cut out, although I think they may be following their own legal action (something about trauma to the African wild dogs).

Thanks for all your comments of support, I had no idea anybody actually read Gitika’s blog so that taught me! Hi again to both of you Xx .

By the way, getting people to read your blog involves reading other like minded bloggers, who in turn read yours. You can also pick up stray digital nomadic surfers by using catchy tag lines, hence ‘Aliens sighted ‘. Lets see if we can make it three.

On with the show – here is Song of the Day  ‘The Night Starts Here’ by Stars from their 2007 album ‘In our bedroom after the war’, what a

great album.


  1. I don’t know Gitika but hope she recovers gently and fully. Now, the choral conducting course – will there be a web course? I saw a comment somewhere. I really hope so as I wanted to do the course on Thursday but can’t make it. I loved your wig and gown!!
    Kind wishes from Marie in Winchester.

    1. I don’t really “know” Gitika myself despite the 22 years of marriage. As for the web course idea sounds like i need to swot up on my video skills. Really looking forward to flapping my arms about on Thursday, sorry you can’t be there. Keep dropping by and i will keep you posted. Mr P.

  2. You were ace, Mr P. I absolutely couldn’t tell the difference from the Real Gitika. Although I must say I did think the tea-break a bit odd – Gitika’s usually raring to get us back working (usually from desperation to drum something into her sometimes wayward students). We couldn’t believe our luck!

  3. Glad you liked Kathy, looking forward to ironing out those warbley bits in ‘Paradise’.
    Must bring more Biscuits next week i can’t believe how aggressive the Soprano’s were with the custard creams. Gitika has made great strides today and is now holding her own spoon (not that she knows what to do with it). Still its progress. MrP x

  4. Dear Mr P, thank you very much for treating the Bishopsgate singers so gently. My wife’s an alto (ie she’s not a soprano) so perhaps that’s why you were nice to her, just like Gitika would have been, in fact.
    I don’t really know what a soprano is, now I think about it, is it some kind of gangster who’s not quite right in the head? Is that why, Mr P, you mention them(/him?) so much?
    I was shocked at the behaviour of the little boys and girls…….sorry, I can’t mention them here, as it would require a Tardis to know what happened at Mrs Hardcastle’s School For Naughty Little Urchins tomorrow. Or was it yesterday? In confusion I’ll sign off, whilst wishing Gitika a complete recovery in no more than a few weeks. I should mention that I am greatly looking forward to hearing her arrangement of a certain Coldplay song in a few weeks time. It had better be good………
    ps Mr P, did you get a message from me ages ago about feeding birds? I’ve a feeling it may have dropped down a crack in cyberspace before getting to you.

    1. Thanks Tim, its been murder with the Soprano’s, they seem to abandonment issues or something. The Alto’s seem most resilient and needed very little attention. I am new to this game but the tenor’s seem to be a right bunch of high achievers where as the Bass’s
      are a bunch of softies, who’d of thought.
      Confident you will enjoy the Coldplay song as its the only one that was written this century.
      Regards Mr P.

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