The Pennines

Last weekend I was East of the Pennines ( read this marvellous link from Wikipedia -Long Live Wikipedia!) – this weekend I am West. I have been told by a reliable source that it rains a lot more in Manchester than Sheffield, as the rain is often used up by the time it gets to Sheffield over the hills ( it is raining today). I have had some the best and most memorable holidays tramping around the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District and the Pennines and they are all part of the UK’s national treasures with Victoria Wood and the man in my local corner shop.

Edale from Mam Tor

I once stood at the start of the Pennine way in Edale and thought how satisfying it would be to walk the length of it, lots of people do. I would have to be super fit or time free to do it.  I am sure you know the Pennines are referred to as the backbone of Britain.

SONG OF THE DAY – The Hill’s Are Alive -The Sound of Music -Julie Andrews

I must start to write a list of subjects that need more songs. I often write a post and want to link it to a song , and only 1 or 2 very obvious songs come to mind, ‘Running up That Hill’ Kate Bush is the other one, I suppose, and ‘Ain’t no Mountain” which I posted earlier this week. That would be a good list to start.

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