Lets have you in alphabetical order…..

Zebras line up in alphabetical order

I am sick of being near the end of the alphabet. When I was at school – every thing got done alphabetically. If your surname was ‘P’ you were down at the bottom. Even   the desks were seated alphabetically and I was always right down the back. Had an experience today where something was proof read and suddenly my name came last in the list as everyone else I was working with had first and surnames nearer the beginning of the register! Now I am seriously thinking of changing my name to something a little towards the beginning of the alphabet, so I can see what it feels like to be listed at the front of the cast list or have my audition before lunch! I have looked around, and the name I shall be  trying out for for the rest of the day is……Aadi Aaron! Aadi is Hindu for beginning and Aaron is high up, mountain or lofty, so that means if I am at the beginning, I may  also end up getting to the top of the mountain first. ha ha!

SONG OF THE DAY Hold Back the Night -Graham Parker

I chose this for 3 reasons. Graham Parker has the same initials as me, it is a great song and  I love the gold trouser suit that the bass player is wearing. Job Done!


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