One Giant Leap

I found this photo and it made me chuckle. I wonder how long it took them to decide on the exact wording for the notice, and then someone had to carve it into the wood. It is such a beautiful sign. I have the image of one person trying to stay in single file with themselves and not eating too many buns, or melting or loosening belts of christmas mid-riffs when in the middle of the field. Signs in the country come in all shapes and sizes and levels of politeness, just as people and farmers come in all shades. It makes me laugh that many farmers don’t like ramblers/townies, but will happily send their kids off to university in the cities, so sort of won’t return the favour by making sure the footpaths are safe for visitors to have a little bit of fresh air in what are ‘public footpaths’. This  other sign is funny, as the subtext is so clear. This is a public footpath, but how bright to put such a sign if you want people to do a detour! People have been killed by charging bulls.

I have been mooning over old holiday photos, which is never a good idea. I don’t know what it is about photos – they can give off completely the wrong idea about a time in the past. Sometimes you look back and think, what a lovely time you were having, when another part of your memory will remember, that was a really uncomfortable time it actually was. They say the camera never lies, I think it can often re-interpret.  Both these pictures bring back good memories for me. Sadly, I  still tend to  dwell far too much on loss…. the skin tone of  my yesteryears being forefront in my mind.  When ever the photo was taken I was probably yearning for an older ( younger) skin tone  of the yesteryear before that yesteryear anyway, so it is all completely mad. One day I will get the message, maybe the next time I meet it on life’s ever spiralling spiral. Got any good countryside notices?

SONG OF THE DAY  -Revatti Sakalkar -One Giant Leap

I would like to work with these guys and I do believe we have something spiritually huge in common. The women’s faces at the beginning of this song are shining beacons of beauty. There! I know it make sense and it has nothing to do with skin tone. It is deeper and much more effervescent than that.


  1. It’s understandable, but I’m afraid that you’ve misinterpreted the “Grazing Land” sign. This is just outside a small village in the Cotswolds, where there are some irresponsible people who go for walks carrying several A4 box files full of butter for their picnics. The cows there have become sensitised to the sight of one of their biproducts being put on the bread and the farmer is just trying to cut down on his herd’s distress by limiting their exposure. I gather that the worst miscreant is called……what else…………….Pat.

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