The squirrel proof, bird proof bird feeder!

Now there’s a conundrum for the birds. The new bird feeder has all sorts of bars on it so the squirrels cannot get to it. But strangely it seems neither can the birds! The bars are too close for even the smallest tit or wren to get their  heads in without feat of decapitation!

Mr P. bought it for a song at the local pound store ( I hasten to add, for £3.99). We have a family of  squirrels with ever increasing girths who visit the garden more and more in search of  little snacks between meals. I have a horrible feeling there are people in the vicinity who actually feed them! Mr P. has all sorts of squirrel defence, and usually they find a way round them. Many a time I notice a squirrel in the most compromising positions,  precariously hanging from a thread, while trying to empty a bird feeder, or fat ball of it’s entirety. But this one has done the trick! Sadly the bars are so close together not a single bird has made it to the yummy suet that lies within. Great design. Ha! I wonder if they have even smaller birds in China. I can’t think of a bird smaller than a tiny  tit, but there you go. Perhaps that’s why it was in the pound shop. I think Mr. P will have to get his pincers out (!) and have a little bend of some of the bars. Suet escape from Alcatraz. Right. That’s me done…off for some tuench and a lesson in font changing on wordpress.

SONG OF THE DAY – Dolly Parton – Little Sparrow

Go Dolly…nice bit of fiddle and banjo and harmony singing in this…..if you are not a Dolly fan this might be the song to change your mind.

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