Photo of the Day – Condensation

Bedroom has 2 outer walls, a french window and ceiling that is someone else’s verandah, so is always cold. Even in this, a most mild winter we are waking up with the hint of the old glass leaf like frostings you used to see as a child when there was no central heating . When I was a fledgling teacher all those years ago and a complete nervous wreck about getting enough sleep before facing 100 or more inner city teenagers every day, I could not have the heating coming on an hour before we got up as the sound of it clicking in would wake me up, and the heat would send me back into a coma, so years later we continue to get up in the cold, which is probably much better for the constitution.

I would like to see those really lovely icy formations on the window again -like the one in this photo I found on the web, but do not really relish the thought of the weather that accompanies them. My  photo was taken as the ice was melting, so you can just see Mr P.’s green house and a couple of the large trees in the bigger gardens behind ours.

SONG OF THE DAY – Joni Mitchell – All I Want

A classic.

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