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mornington crescent

It is funny when you start taking pictures of your day, it sort of changes. I went to three different places yesterday and walked, tubed and bused in between. First to a  school music meeting in offices near Mornington Crescent to learn what delights our two cape crusaders, had put together for 2000 kids to sing together at the Royal Albert Hall in March, then a quick sprint to the back of  Kings Cross Station to share the excitement with my lovely friend

EJR  of having a photo exhibited in the Guardian Newspapers foyer – it was published in the weekend magazine in April. They  had a little gathering of all the people who had had a picture published in the themed photography section of the magazine, with some nuts and crisps. The themes section appears every fortnight ( I think) I recognised lots of the photos, as I do tend to enjoy the pictures more than the writing in most publications I read ( philistine..they cry!) . EJR met some of the other photographers, one called  Adam Akins who sadly had to dash as soon as he said hello, as another photographerhe had come all the way from Liverpool to see his picture hung,

then had to dash off catch the last train home. I would have, wouldn’t you?…travelled that far, is what I meant. I  also met some of EJR lovely friends, who I am going to steal!! Ok share?

I then waited at the bus stop at Kings Cross and got the bus to Hornsey Road to a little restaurant which is in the wilderness that is the Hornsey Road. While areas around gentrify, you still expect to see tumble weed rolling down it and the theme of the Good the Bad and the Ugly theme tune to be whistling in the wind… I think it must be on a dodgy lay line or something, as for the last 30 years it does not seem to have changed at all, and seems to just keep going down market when everything else is trying to go up. Don’t get me wrong I love Hornsey Road, but wonder how it so stubbornly refuses to change. My housing co-op were celebrating a major landmark in their 34 year history so we once decided not to snarl at each other or revert to the  archetypes we are handed in the co-op group dynamic over our weekly meeting, but eat together, which was very very civilized.

The food and service at Ajani Grill and Jazz, a tiny little restaurant that has great.  Mighty fine Jazz musicians play there  at the weekend. The ambience  was very good, all the food was top notch and the service was fine. It needs all the support it can get if it is going to survive in this particular area, and I for one would say check it out..leave Crouch End and Stroud Green and tip toe to the hinterlands of Holloway. They do a £7.50 two course and they were most helpful in sorting me out something gluten-free and the vegan got fed too! Delicious.

I continue to take pictures with my beated up old camera that usually has a big greasy paw mark on the lense which is, I think soon to become my trade mark ‘It’s a Partington fake…no paw mark ”

Right….. onto today’s exciting adventure, Christmas carols for kids…….where are they?

SONG OF THE DAY – Etta Bond -Love in Me

Just incase you thought I had not got my finger on the pulse that is the  present century, here is a young lady who captivated me with her voice….she is featured on Wretch 32’s ( a really good British new single Forgiveness, here is her at home jamming….I love real live recordings like this.

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