Oh no! Where did I put the file marked Christmas ?

Argh…email last night… can I bring a carol about the kings, one about an angel, one about a shepherd for a practice today for the school’s carol service. I have not a clue where any of my Christmas music is, and I am feeling completely rough as I think I have had another mild bout of food poisoning from suchi in a month…will I learn my lesson? Then I am off to Milton Keynes on the train  to do the first practice for the Half -Time Choir which happens for the first time on 17th December at the MK Dons stadium. Tonight’s rehearsal is a complete unknown quantity as the powers that be have asked people to ‘just turn up’ so I could have 10 or 100 … we are hoping for 300 local singers on the day, to entertain the crowd for the first 5 minutes of half-time. Not so keen on things when when there are too many unknown quantities in the mix.  It is gonna be loads of fun and a great community event. Better get back to work. ha ha!

SONG OF THE DAY – I go to sleep -The Pretenders

I love this song, I would quite like to go to sleep now until I feel a bit better.

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