Photo of the Day – North London in Neon

I only got a chance to take this picture as the 91 bus decided not to stop at the bus stop outside Peacocks, because it could not wait for a space at the bus stop, because a 153, 29 and 259 all arrived at the same time. Bit daft really, being a bus, that has room in it, and not stopping at the stops to pick up people. I bet it is a bit of a bus driver’s wet dream of a job. Driving buses all day in London and not actually having to stop and pick up the passengers! It is a bit like the days you have at school when the kids don’t come in and you think how nice it would be if you could just get on with your planning and filing, in relative peace and quiet, and never ever have to deal with 2000 kids marauding every inch of space. Daft.

This is a picture of all that is left of Hornsey Baths, which has now turned into more flats. In the old days there were baths, laundry and a lovely 33 yard  swimming pool. In the mid- 80’s when I was an out of work musician, me and my ex -supermodel mate ( very disconcerting) used to go everyday. We both wore ski pants, clumpy boots and leg warmers. The leg warmers were to help disguise our differing ankle hang-ups (not when we were swimming! ). She, because she thought she had the  bandiest ankles in the world and me, because I had no ankles at all (and still do not), my legs go straight into my feet- kankles, it runs in the family. After good skin I would probably plump for a pair of ankles…ha ha. If you were unemployed you could go and swim there at lunchtime for free! Lofty from Eastenders and the singer from the Fine Young Cannibals were regular swimmers there, though neither at that time could have been considered to be unemployed. I think Lofty came to our shared house for tea a couple of times. We were much too in awe of FYC singer’s magnificent butterfly stroke to ever speak to him.

SONG OF THE DAY – 2 men  a drum machine and a trumpet -tired of getting pushed around

What a class band name. By the two musicians who were in FYC.  I love this TOTP’s video, takes you back to a time of ‘interesting’ fashion and dance moves-at the peak of  shocking miming. Miming is  actually really hard. Much harder than playing live, as you can so easily look like a first class twit if you get it wrong, and everyone can spot the ex-supermodel who has never played an instrument in their lives, pretending to play. Why? I was in a band who did a big showcase at the Hippodrome once…emerged through the floor  from the basement,  to a  drunk saturday night crowd of 3000. There was a massive screen made up of a thousand TVs behind us, and we had to mime…yuk. I think most  real musicians would agree that miming would not be their choice – probably rather work on the buses….all aboard!


  1. Hi Gitika,

    I lived round the corner from Hornsey Baths in 1987 and we used to go there to use the laundry. It was a great place and such a shame it’s no longer used for its original purpose but at least they preserved the wonderful sign.

    Marion M

  2. Wow thats a lovely picture to trigger memories of the Baths. Just round the corner from home for a bit of exercise or whatever, I was really sad when the council closed it….. er we need to er…. make cuts er …. its not er economic er…. & then theres er….
    To say it was a nice little property deal for somone would be………….

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