Photo of the Day – Shadow and Sky

I took this picture last weekend in sunny Essex, on one of the fair estuaries in the area. That’s me, the shadow, the one with the very small head, and what seems to be a large stash of cake tucked in my knapsack. I took the picture while balancing on one leg…still hope for me then. Excited as we  are about to have 4 visitors for 4 nights, in our one and a half bedroom flat…that’s 6 people  -two are small-ish, so my posts might be small and hurried, or long and cathartic. Hopefully the sneezing from all the dust  will subside soon. I am wracking my brains for  cheap  (or free) things  to entertain a lovely young lady who falls over if she wears flat shoes ( ha ha hope you are reading this KS) a football ally for Mr. P. and  2 children who are just so excited about visiting us we may just have to sit on them for the first day. Thank goodness we all like colouring in…watch out for the art work too! Off to the train station to meet them now.

SONG OF THE DAY- Moves Like Jagger -Maroon 5 ft Christine Aguilera

I have been watching the video for this song for a few weeks and been very distracted by the visuals. My Mate VR mentioned how catchy she thought it was, so I decided to listen with out having to be distracted by Maroon front man’s  full frontal tatts and small ears. It is a nice little pop song which should get you jumping round the kitchen table….nice little melodic hook ( the whistle) and Chicy guitar.

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  1. This picture made me smile. In portrait view on my mobile I could see the sky but had to scroll down to see the shadow! Keep up this daily blog, it lifts my soul in unexpected ways.

    I had forgotten that I could always sit on my grandchildren if necessary – thanks for the reminder!

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