I Have Beheaded the future King and Queen of England

So there it was a lovely new plectrum given to me free from Hobgoblin off Oxford Street, in big London, no chance it would get ruined as I don’t use a plectrum, until that is, I had my first guitar lesson. Recommended to learn to play with a plectrum so I used my special wedding memorial plectrum and in no time what so ever, the future King anf Queen were no more. The smiles wiped off their faces, as well as their noses, eyes teeth , hair….Nothing left but a hint of Union Jack and a bit of residue ink. Seems an awful shame really. But then they were beheaded for the sake of my development as a guitarist, so it is not all in vain.  I can never ever remember which practice is which practise, and when I am practising the guitar is it with a ‘c’. Definately whittering today. Must go and do something that is more useful for everyone.

SONG OF THE DAY -Wishbone Ash -Blowin Free

I didn’t hear until about 1976. In the old days this was one of the 10 songs you would get fined for playing in guitar shops, when you tried out a guitar…I remember Stairway to Heaven was also on the list, but cannot remember the others. I am dredging the bottom of the memory bin with this one, but the guitar is classic…so they say. It is dedicated to all the men in my life who are over a certain age (clears throat)

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