my least favourite person of the day

I was passing a discarded Daily Telegraph on the tube and glanced at this article and I am containing my rage at yet another  man born with a silver spoon out  a part of his anatomy who thinks it is ok to take away women’s human rights. Sorry – but this makes my blood boil.  I am posting The Article  and am leaving the building to stick pins in pictures of someone who has obviously never been pregnant (still not possible for men to get pregnant and when they can, they can join the debate, and not until that time) on the dole, homeless, made a mistake, had a condom break,  has too many children and no job, an abusive partner, no partner, a drug or alcohol problem, a college degree to finish..I shall shut up now as I have things to do and I could write all day about the nonsense of  unempathetic (yes that is exactly what I meant to spell) men barking on about  human rights of things they cannot create (oh that’s right we can’t make babies without them , sorry my mistake).

I am stopping now….really am walking away mid post….. growl growl growl…nothing more to see here…step away from the post……. Trouble is, there is no talking to men like this. I am closing the door now, not even going to check my spelling mistakes… …….

SONG OF THE DAY- Sisters are Doing it For Themselves  – Aretha and Annie

Sort it out sisters!

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