And the Band Played On….

THE SHoeless...

Well actually, they did not, all the gear was packed up after a nearly 4 hour end of week concert. All the goodbyes last night got a bit emotional for me,  gulp ..quite normal for me to have a little blub and then not be able to stop….can’t keep it in…7 days of being with all these lovely staff and students for 12 hours a day and then messing up my verse in the last  big piece didn’t help ( Possibly only SS and DC noticed). So cried all the way home on the tube, but as it was nearly midnight on a friday night and most people were  a bit past their best (putting it politely) and as  I kept all snorting  and wheezing  inside, no-one noticed, I just looked a bit allergic or gin ridden, so blended in quite nicely. So this morning  I am missing them all and will be until the next new thing kicks in, which is in about 10 minutes.

I hold  special place in my heart for  my  Guildhall chums,  right next to all my singers and wish them well for the year to come, and hope that maybe I shall see some of them sooner. Now where is that train ticket?


practising for the end of course song


Nothing to do with the last week. I heard it really late when I got home and it hit a chord of nostalgia. Blimey she sings a top C in this…tried it ..but a bit too early in the morning. Love the video!

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