Song of the Day

Still having the time of me life….great bunch of singers on the  week rock and jazz  course.

Hanging with my musician  homies…Singing most of the day, when not chilling with all my favourite musicians in the universe. Lunching from the stalls in Whitecross Street near the college. Get to sing with my new ‘for one night only’ band tomorrow. Every night there is a tutor gig before the ‘open mics’ for the students so had the fastest rehearsal tonight with my allotted band          ( yippee) Here is a  tiny snippet  of our practice…I cannot tell who is me and who is DC, my vocalist buddy…we make a great team….the rest of the band are completely Lush… You will have to come to the theatre at the Guildhall at 7.15 tonight to see the rest of our hour long set.

It will be a cracker.

Song of the Day Purple Rain -Prince

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