Separated at Birth – Suzanne Vega and Richie Sambora

Today both these musicians are 52…happy birthday…You would not ever have thought that Suzanne Vega and Bon Jovi ( Richie Sambora the guitarist -considered by Time Magazine  to be one of the top in the world) had much in common, but in 1959 in Santa Monica and New Jersey on 11th July, two very different guitarist songwriters were arriving in this world. I wonder if they have ever met and shared this co-incidence. They probably don’t mix in the same circles and I would imagine Suzanne Vega is a lot less bothered about her image than the some of the  Bon Jovi boys who look suspiciously like they have had their faces slightly lifted and smooothed…just a suspicion mind on my part..I am sure it is all good living and massage.

I often wonder about the whole astrological thing. There is no-one infamous with the same birthday as me , but there is a british gothy singer songwriter on the day before and a eclectic presenter personality ( sadly no longer with us) on the day after. I wonder if we had ever met in a room if we would have had much in common. I did used to resonate with the eclectic presenter….but leo rising is very different from virgo rising ( that’s me) . Did I lose you already ? Ah!

SONG OF THE DAY Suzanne Vega -Marlene On The Wall

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