I took this picture in St Pancras station. If you have not been in since it re-opening , you should give it a visit. It is completely gorgeous. Upstairs they are just getting together the new entrance for cars  and taxi’s to drop off. There is an Italian restaurant where I once had breakfast at 9am, Monday morning after dropping a friend onto the Eurostar, where you can watch all the trains come and go and be right on top of the big contentious ( I love it!) sculpture of the couple saying hello, or goodbye.

St Pancras Station

They have hung a large olympic logo, which as you exit off the train are coloured. This is the view from the back, which they left metallic -you can just see glimpses of the colours on the two outside top circle.

SONG OF THE DAY –  Nitin Sawney -Mausam THIS IS A REAL FAVOURITE OF MINE It is absolutely beautiful and well worth a listen….I would love to learn this song. I have found a rough translation.

Rough translation

Ek rang main jeena jeewan ko – living life in only one way (ek rang means one colour)

Ae jaane tamanna theek nahin – is not good enough my sweetheart.

Gam aur khusi do raaste hain – Happiness and sadness are two different paths

Ek raah pe chalna theek nahin – Holding onto only one is not good enough.

Badal jaye mausam – The season will change

Khusi aaye, jaye gam – Happiness will come in, sadness will go away

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