Not Sleeping Again…..

I know it is very ungrateful to moan or complain, or post rantings written in the middle of the night, but this week I have been doing  mostly ‘completely wired’ insomnia, the sort of insomnia you would expect to get if you had imbibed 18 espresso in a day, followed by the ‘lower back pain I can’t get comfortable’ insomnia.

This week, due to some sort of mad impulse I am only eating fruit and vegetables and blinking camomile tea ( which I am finally getting a taste for). The detox was long overdue, but seems to be causing some nasty symptoms – like headaches back aches, and obviously…. sleplessness. There has also been a full moon (quick howl) and my ovaries and uterus are having an identity crisis. Like me, they are having trouble  adjusting to the fact I am no longer a young woman, and am, at what seems to be the speed of a japanese bullet train  moving into middle age with a capital M and A.

I shall be eating mostly carrot cake

I am 51 years old until Saturday, St. Georges Day, Easter Saturday. All you ladies of a certain age may understand, but then some will not.

well if I am, she is....

The jolly old menopause can manifest itself in so many ways, I shall spare you details, but physical, mental torture, almost constant pain (some are like period pains but ten times worse), regular insomnia and a suddenly unrecognisable face are some of the ones you can mention in public.  Lots of people are very mean about women who are menopausal – particularly some  men (ha ha ha ). It is one of those situations where I would like to invite the unsympathetic to live in my body (not really) and all its foebles for a week and then stop with the moaning about  how moody I am, cos actually, with the amount of pain I go through I think I am pretty even-tempered….tell that to the man who heard me scream SHUT-UP  to Mr P in the middle of a tranquil country lane the other day, and Mr P. was not actually talking!…The man  looked at me as if I was a serial killer ha ha ha. So I am typing this at 4 in the morning, hoping the burning in my legs , the lower back pain and the griping cramp in my lower abdomen will subside enough that I can get a few zzzzzzs before the sun swings over the yard arm. The birds are up, and the sun won’t be long behind. I might find some solace in watching the sunrise as I can see it from this window I am typing from.


It is funny that there are no commercial songs aout the menopause, no actually its not funny at all. I  am sure there are a few lurking round the folk scene and must endeavour to find one . But I was quite impressed when I first hear “The Pill” by Loretta Lyn, “The Coal-Miner’s Daughter” (the film is about her life). She was a mother 4 times before she was 19  and a grandmother by 29. This song which was actually banned on many radio  stations in the U.S. great piece of social historic music.

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