17th March-There Was a Spooky Kind of Hush in My Blog

Now I wonder what this is all about? Not that I am obsessed about people reading my blog, ( ha ha ha) I do check my dashboard a couple of times ( well maybe a couple of times more) if I am at home on the computer…(I know..totally tragic) most days there is a healthy bit of passing traffic and I bet most bloggers will be keeping an eye on how many visitors they have. My Marmalade day was the best  day so far, (5th March), but yesterday was absolutely bleak, really bleak, spookily bleak…and no-one has liked my blog for a whole week…so here I am at the party on my own with no mates…and yesterday was like me arriving at a party and finding out someone had changed the date and not told me….. ha ha ha.

The New Seekers

I mean, I know the New Seekers are not to anyone’s taste, but you have to go there to know they are there, to avoid them. I checked my dashboard in the morning and only one person had passed through the warm and friendly place what is my blog. By the end of the day only my nearest and dearest had come for a visit in single file…with a very long gap in between.

Do people know I am in a bad mood this week, or was everybody down the pub drinking green beer? I want to talk to other bloggers about traffic. Is it very up and down..does it ebb and flow? Have you had days when you have got the tortilla and extra dip out, ironed your best shirt , played the “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” blinder and nobody came?

Would love to know.

Have a great day x x


I could have plumped for the Carpenters ‘there’s a kind of hush, all over the world, tonight’ But chose to hang out with a man with special hair – Gilbert. This was a man who had terrible record company wranglings and was in my humble opinion underestimated as a poet and artist. I defy you to get through the last verse without shedding a metaphorical tear at the least. I just blubbed.

Gilbert O’Sullivan -Alone again…Naturally

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