The iPoint Electric Pencil Sharpener, and My Love of Pencils.

This blog was triggered by a timely reminder of the wonder of the pencil from my lovely fellow blogger in her post about the Russian astronauts and the pencil! And now I can’t find it…when I do I will give her a big shout!

I have always loved pencils, my perfect souvenir of a visit anywhere is the pencil. So partial am I,  if I have been to a meeting or conference  I usually end up, quite by accident  coming home with other people’s pencils in my bag…woops!  I love the smell of real cedar wood pencils that have been freshly sharpened. I have always had a thing about electric pencil sharpeners, but never felt quite rich or extravagant enough to buy one. I have a lovely wind up one…but I have found something !

iPoint Electric Pencil Sharpener

Definately the most wonderfully designed AND affordable pencil sharpener ….ever. It costs about 12 quid,  light as a feather, works on batteries, comes in different colours. You pop the pencil in the top, it makes the right noise and your pencils come out sharp as sharp can be.  It won some design thing , and rightly so.  It is called  iPoint Electric Pencil Sharpener by Westcott…

There! The world is in crisis, people are in crisis and we can still marvel in the small, beautiful and functional. I have been lighting a lot of candles the last few days,  sending love to people in crisis.

Now where is that pencil of mine…..


Dreamer by Supertramp

This is an amazing live version by the writer singer of the original version Roger Hodgson…well worth a look…gave me tingles…what a fine voice.

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