Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho!

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SO Happy February 1st! Still a bit down in the dumps,  so the attempts to keep from sliding into a small abyss continue.  Sensitive souls…most of us are, and we need to be gentle with  each other. I just need about 24 hours uninterupted sleep.


The Laughing Policeman

am adding a rather sweet comment from subscriber zxl345 of  youtube fame which sums all this song brings to the table …..“Laugh at this!?There’s nothing particularly humorous about it, save for the laughter, which is apparently meant to be the only source of humour in the song.Not that there’s anything wrong with the song, I just can’t help but find the “How can anyone not smile at this :)” comments, they’re annoying me.Now… *straightens tie and walks off”

so see if it works for you

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