So had a day working  at home and wonder of wonder…a tea break was scheduled in with a quick game of bananagrams was played! Very rare and it felt rather decadent. This has been the game of the season and we have played it with all sorts of family members and friends and for me such a better game than scrabble. I find all that hanging around in scrabble so infuriating , for someone who finds sitting still for any amount of time a pain. With this game you all get between 21 and 11 letters depending on size of group ( can play between 2 and 8 people though we played with 16 in pairs) and you all at the signal turn over your tiles and star making you very own scrabble board/crossword in front of you. If someone completes that take they gently say ‘pee’l and everyone has  to take an extra tile from the pile of face-down tiles in the middle. At any time you can move your tiles around, change the words…which is much more flexible and creative than scrabble…and the rest in the rules.  We bought it for £8.95 on line and was the best ten quid we spent over the chrimble period. You can also play a game in the space it takes to have a quick tea break…


One of my jobs for the week is to try and finish a humble arrangement of ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing’ for my choir , this is a wonderful version of Ella singing it 1958 – Palais des Beaux-Arts – Brussels with Oscar Peterson, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Jo Jones, Roy Eldridge. I wonder what sort of microphones they had then as her voice sounds amazing!. Even if you don’t have time to listen to the whole 7 minutes give it  a couple as her first solo is so exciting..what a woman, what a voice!

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