talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity click on the underlined title to see a 19 minutes inspired video about creativity.never read her book or seen the film , but this talk is hugely inspiring and funny.

SONG OF THE DAY time that UB40 to have a revisit..I always thought the words of this song were ‘I’m a prima donna’ but it is in fact ‘Ivory Madonna’..I think I prefer my version. definately got better with age.


  1. Strewth, Now I have to find out what an ‘Ivory Donna’ is, I think I will pass by the kebab shop and ask:)

  2. She is a character in a book ‘Dance for the Ivory Madonna’, looks like a good book so I have ordered it; strange what comes from a post (Yes, yes a pun at last:))
    I got thrown out of the kebab shop for asking for tofu as it is thought to be healthy the argument went ‘Well why do you put salad in the kebab’? the pavement was not as hard as I thought it would be:)

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