Good Morning. Day 3 of my post a blog a day..phew.just to let you know I shall be doing a SONG A DAY…possibly something I heard during the day that stuck in my head for some reason or made me smile!

Getting the train home…..

So three pet hates have reared their ugly heads before me this morning and it is not even 10.30am

1. -METAL SEATS IN PUBLIC WAITING AREAS. Fine in tropical climates, but completely rubbish in any where that is not tropical..

.bet they don’t have them in Finland.

So.. metal seats..the new way to make people stand in bus shelters and train waiting rooms -because if the weather hangs around 1 degree the seats are freezing and you might as well be sitting on a block of ice. BRING BACK WOODEN SEATS!

2. SPRAY CLEANING FLUID IN PUBLIC EATING AREAS tables and chairs and any surface you can in great clouds in cafes and restaurants…yes yes are so clean…but is it really necessary to spray all that stuff all over me, my drink, my nasal cavities. What ever happened to the clean warm cloth? And when the spray smells of lucious disinfectant and pine or lemon…what is the point of having anything with a taste on your plate..

3. STEALING YOUR RESERVED SEATING ON THE TRAIN. We thought we would treat ourselves and travelled first class back to London as it was a steal ( less than if we had booked standard) and two posh looking elderly people had stolen our seats because the train’s electronic reservation system is down, spread themselves all over our we had to move . I only showed some dacorum  in not turfing then out as they  were very much my senior…just goes to show you, class  is  obviously not always the key to  good manners, and now they are eating egg sandwiches and drinking alcohol and its 11am -…hah!

yes I got 3 hours sleep again! hence the grump today…well at least we have our acoustic evening tonight… photos tomorrow!


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  1. Hmm, Metal seats; it is not only that they are metal (The plastic ones are the same though me thinks slightly warmer) but the design of them. They are designed not be sat on for long periods of time, which is not good if your train has been delayed or cancelled or if some one has back issues.
    Ahh Dusty one of life’s pleasures. I saw a program of Dame Vera Lyn last night, where did all the simple music go:)?
    It would be nice to go to one of your acoustic evenings but I never know where or when they are.
    What ever you are doing I hope life is fun and you are well.

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