Picture of the Week – Flags

my first attempt with the wonderful brushes app. You know, the one that Hockney used for all those pictures everyone was raving about , that I di not see. it is good fun. Still have a lot to learn. I took this photo from the top of a double decker bus in Oxford Street…a very good place to take photo


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  1. Hello Gitika, I attended your course on Tuesday, it was brilliant. Previous to that I was fortunate enough to be on your sing share with the sing up course. I spoke to you about the choir I have recently set up after gaining confidence and magpiing songs from the group and it is going really well. The best comment I had was ‘This is the most fun I have had without a drink’
    I joined slimmers world last week and lost 7 and a half lbs this week, I have been jogging along the Southbank of the Thames listening to ‘Get on board’ and really trying to learn it to teach my choir this week ahead. Thank you so much, you are truly an inspiration.
    Ps; Thanks for putting us in birthday order, the man that kept interuppting you and saying your name wrong was making me quite uncomfortable, i was picking bits of his biscuit that he had spat into my hair long into Tuesday evening. 🙂
    Warm regards,
    Jo Gemmell

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