For those of you who missed the campaign I started this time last year …CBNC…Chocolate Bunnies No Cruelty, I am just going to remind you, because this week thousands, nay millions of chocolate bunnies will have been   unecessarily eaten alive! Join me. Get a t-shirt, (though there are few left as so many people have joined me on the campaign) make a banner, protest anywhere where the bunnies are being savaged, particularly by the under fives.

Consuming bars of chocolate whole is one thing, but eating chocolate bunnies, I am sorry, it is a different thing all together!  This weekend, all over the world, if you listen hard enough you will hear their screams. I know, I know, I am not  a total innocent in  all this.

Just because I have had no chocolate for a year,  does not mean  that historically I am innocent of crimes against the chocolate bunny and I am aware that in the past I also created misery and pain for the ‘Cuniculus Theobroma Cacao’ family, and for that, I am sorry.


April Showers -Mel Torme

Those were the days eh? No snow or tropical weather in April. You knew where you were with the old fashioned April shower.

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