Photo of the Day – Dublin Bay

Well that might be what it is called and it might be where my chewy prawns came from that I ate last night. I was really in no fit state to appreciate the view (or for that matter the chewy prawns) at the time as I had been on a train and a ferry for about 9 hours. This morning I am feeling a little more pucker and looking forward to meeting a bunch of music teachers from the Dublin area to give them ( hopefully) some grand ideas and some words of wisdom about teaching singing with children. I was so tired when I finally got to my hotel room last night I cried! It was probably the final walk through night time rush hour Dublin ( which was my first) and the chewy prawns which tipped me over the edge. Much better now. Bit disappointed to find out my ferry on the way home has been cancelled and I would never have known to be there for the earlier

( slower…nearly 2 hours slower) one if I had not asked someone on the boat how much time I should allow to get there. That is a mighty mess up, as I booked my ticket through Virgin at a railway station and booked on the  specific ferry etc. so no-one would have been able to let me know there was not going to be a ferry. I would have had to be very philosophical if I had arrived at the docks at 8am  to realise the next ferry was not until 2pm. As it is, I shall be up before the sparrows to get to the port for 7am . Enough already with the moaning! No blog for ages and then just a bit of a moan. Shame on you Ms P.

Anyway, wish me luck today…I am sure I will stay awake. Not sure it is cost effective to spend 24 hours travelling for a days work, I am not even going to do the maths. I might have to get over my flying phobia if this happens again.

SONG OF THE DAY- Pride -Soweto Gospel Choir ( by U2)

There! A lovely little tug of forelock to some of Dublin’s finest with a lovely South African flavour.

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  1. I wish you luck! They should be paying your travel expe! Hope they are grateful for your wisdom and fun! 🙂 x

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