Mr P. here again – I bet you are getting a bit sick of me taking over Gitika’s daily blog. I have to say, I am really getting into it , though Gitika is getting is little bit sick of me taking over and showing off all my marvellous photos, and being a little bit of a git. I am going to get my own blog soon, as I had really no idea quite how much fun the wife has been having for the last year. This might be my last chance to post here, as I think I am going to get evicted pretty soon.

sunny spells

So another lovely photo on the theme of nature. Cloud watching is something i do with total contentment, just before I drop off.

If i don’t get allowed back, its been swell, thanks for your comments, I love you, all three.

Last Song of the Day sob sob…


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  1. WendyB says:

    If you get a daily blog going Mr P, let me know!
    Looking forward to hearing back from Gitika, too!
    My blog is more of a dietary diary and not daily with a few reads but no subscribers. I am getting used to avoiding dairy and gluten and, as they say, its been a bit of a journey.
    Good song choice x

  2. Kathy says:

    Well I guess Gitika’s medication is working, so you’ll be kicked off the blog and from confronting the tinies – and the not-so-tinies at Bishopsgate. Looking forward to reading your own blog – be interesting to compare and contrast Mr and Mrs P’s takes on their doings! No bickering you two.

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