It’s Saturday Night…Let’s Talk About Telephone Kiosks!

This post is all about the  British Telephone Kiosk. Yup – I am seriously scraping the bottom of the post-u-lar ( I know I know!) barrel. I am spending my saturday evening posting about blinking telephone kiosks. Could my life get any more exotic or exciting? I took a couple of photos of 2 kiosks at Highbury Corner yesterday, and then found this sight where you can buy a telephone kiosk for the grounds of your mansion for up to £8500 – bargain! If I suddenly had a windfall, I might buy one.

I did not know that some kiosks on London streets are actually listed buildings. That is funny. I suppose they could be considered to be buildings of sorts. In the old days I remember sheltering from the rain in one, and I am aware that many gentlemen think that they are also latrines as well as communication boxes. One could become a bit of a geek about the different types of box, try and get all the K8’s listed………go on really wonderful sites about interesting facts about the telephone box bla bla bla.

SONG OF THE DAY -Blondie -Hanging on the Telephone

It was a ruse so I could post this song….love it!

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  1. Useful things telephone boxes! Spotted one when I was cycling down a country lane during a downpour. It was all steamed up and had 6 bikes propped up against it. Yep, they were all inside!
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