I am working on the train

So far the train etiquette has been fairly good. Nice quiet reading and working on laptops going on. There is someone who has a very loud ping every time they get a text, and a couple of people have made loud ‘I think I am in my office’ phone calls. I am going to Sheffield for the weekend and feeling a bit  wobbly about being away from home and Mr P. It often happens after the  winter bunking down holiday. I find it quite hard to leave home. Usually fine by the time I am on the train and zooming through the countryside. I do like a bit of train travel, as long as people behave themselves. This weekend I get to see loads of my favourite and closest ‘singy’ friends and colleagues at our Natural Voice Practitioners annual gathering of about 80 people, which is very nice, but also a bit daunting, as I do get a bit overwhelmed- I am much more your six people dinner soiree type of girl rather than a big party girl.

I am leading one of the morning vocal warm ups, but mostly it is catch up and socialising, and of course singing! Few noisy people got on at Leicester….let’s hope they get off at the next stop. Now back to that arrangement,

SONG OF THE DAY -The Chambers Brothers -People Get Ready

Just another excuse to post a song about a train.

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