A Quick Trip to London Zoo

So cool if you are a member of the zoo, especially  on a bank holiday as you just ride on by the

queues, and today they did not seems to be moving…It is now £18.50 to visit the zoo! If you are a member your yearly fee is the same as going 4 times a year, or the price of half a pint of cheap beer a week.

It means you can go anytime, nip in for a quick commune with the tropical birds, have a cuppa (don’t like the food there, it is still a bit motorway cafe for my liking)  and get discounts on your chips in the caff and plastic snakes in the gift shop, so for us living quite near it is worth it…if we remember to go. We have been twice since last april…woops. Today was a blinding day to go. The sun was out, the light was amazing,  there were no crocodiles lines of school kids who just wanted to eat their sandwiches and play on the swings – the zoo was really quite as everyone seemed to be  waiting  in the queue (?) We had a really nice wander  along the canal from Camden Lock first  which seemed to be pretty full of tourists, but the canal walk was quiet – passed an entrance of Regents

Park and then into the zoo. We had a  long leisurely saunter round  and took loads of rubbish photos of  empty cages and blurry animals, but there were a few good shots. The best bit of all was the aviary, which we usually don’t go to, as it is full of local starlings who have  made the choice to get in the cage from the big free outside world – possibly the grub is better! In the sunlight  they are very photogenic too. Right that is enough clean fun for one day, I have songs to sing and videos to make. I have not even told you about my amazing ride home through the centre of London just before midnight on new years eve….another day.

SONG OF THE DAY – Horse with No Name – America – driftwood sculpture by Heather Jansch 

I have posted this song before, but found this video of amazing driftwood animals and had to post it.

 and incase you missed my video from yesterday….not that I am crowing or anything.


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