6 more posts until my task is complete!

I cannot believe that I have posted everyday this year. Only 6 more posts to go and I will have completed a proper challenge  -from beginning to end. It is a funny thing that I have learned quite late in life the value of  ‘I’ve started, so I will finish!’ and I so recommend it. I am going to start to compose my thank -you speech, as I will be accepting an award from myself for finishing a whole year’s blogging and there will be a few people to thank for their unerring support through my annus aliquam stilus. I will not cry or get over emotional, but I think it is good to have a speech ready, and as I know I am definitely getting an award, as I am going to give myself both an award and a ceremony, the speech will have to be written. I have still not learned to spell definite which I still always spell as definate. raaaa!

Today is a day of trifle, and games with in-laws….ah the joy of  mindless board games and computer dancing….

SONG OF THE DAY -Hues Corporation -Rock the Boat

Particularly good sentiment at this time of year? She tried to keep her mouth firmly closed, as her help and advice was not needed. Though it so really really was. ha ha ha ha! Happy Boxing Day.


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