11 pipers piping……..

  Happy Winter Solstice! It is all light from now on, the days get lighter from right now. This is really the first day ! The new birth, the new life. That’s why so many religions have big festivals round this time as it is the time to come from the dark into the light. Hurrah! A good reason to have 11 pipers giving us a bit of a tune. I suppose we should be thankful that there are not 11 pipers actually piping, particularly so early in the morning, though if they were good scottish pipers or, celtic/ breton pipers all would be well, and we could do a lot worse than them bringing in the solstice.  I drew 9 pipers and then lost the will so Mr P. drew the 2 last pipers ( the small ones). There used to be a bloke who played the pipes in Hampstead Heath, probably still does. When taken to court, because everyone know that the by-laws at HH outlaw the playing of any musical instrument! Rumour has it that he got away with playing in the park because the bagpipe is not actually a musical instrument, but an instrument of war -particularly when played badly! This piper plays very nicely  and was then allowed to practice in the park once a week. I remember going to Parliament Hill for a cuppa one early Wednesday morning and he was practising in the bandstand – I even bought his cd, and now how rude that I do not even remember his name.  Anyway….I bet you are soooooo looking forward to tomorrow when the  12 drummers arrive, and the day after that when you get to hear the whole thing in its entirety. Well not quite…that is saved for christmas eve…..which is in fact my wedding anniversary.

Still feeling lousy but have been doing all the right things – hot epsom salt baths, onion soup, ginger, honey and lemon and lots of duvet time. Have watched some really bad tv…..so I know I am ill!

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