If it’s christmas…we are singing

Today is video day…I went to Kings Cross station  and sang with a bunch of  amazing children that I get to sing with every week. I am a lucky girl. We sang in the station for over an hour, collecting for Marie Curie. We all had a fantastic time! Here is a bit filmed on the tiny camera with the fingerprint on the lense. Doing my best to keep the children anonymous, with clever cropping, though half of the station were filming them!

My song of the day is the grown ups! Singing my arrangement of jingle bells at the Bishopsgate end of sharing session earlier this week.

I got a bit cold in the station today even with my special Marie Curie yellow tabard, and am feeling, once again a bit coldy. Mr P. came with me and we wandered round another station nearby, the beautiful St. Pancras. They have a tall Christmas tree made of lego, very nice. As a ‘treat’ we had some early lunch in one of the places upstairs. All chrome and glass,  in my humble opinion, a  little bit fur coat and no knickers, as they say, all froth and not a lot of substance. The food was ok, the music was exceptionally random, a bit too much waiting around ( 30 minutes to order), people drinking champagne in a ‘trying hard to get in to the Christmas spirit’ sort of a way ( when are we going to find  really good ways of treating ourselves that don’t involve alcohol and bad food??) cold breezes round my legs, cold coffee, cold stilton,  strong dried herbs flavour in my gravy and that funny lingering taste of not very nice vegetable oil after I had finished my meal. Lovely service though…and the plates were hot ( well it’s a start I suppose). At one point I asked the waitress if she could ask the chef what my roast potatoes were cooked in as me and Mr P. were on a wager…She laughed…..it was allegedly ground nut oil, which won the choice for cooking roasts in the best potato recipe in the guardian… ha ha ha ! Must shake off  the cold as there is still a lot more singing to be done before I can collapse in a heap with a mountain of gluten free mince pies!

SONG OF THE DAY – Jingle Bells -Bishopsgate Singers


  1. yehhhh christmas song, yehhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 jingly bells jingely bells… well done all you, and hope you get better soon. I find a good slug of whisky often helps.

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