the time it takes a face pack to dry…

That is how long I have to write this post. Happy Mondays! I got up and started wading through my list of things to do and am still only half way through the list. Today I am giving myself a time limit writing my post today . When the face pack dries …that’s it my time is up! The only reason I decided to have a face pack to day is that I looked in my new ‘tweezerman’ mirror that a friend bought me. It is stuck to my back window  (best light) so anyone in the houses at the back (including the TV presenter, whose house is STILL being renovated…band bang crash crash) can watch me sort out my beard extraction every few days.ha ha. Oh no!  Ladies have beards? Don’t tell me you do not have a beard? wow! Well it would not really count as a beard, more like three or four random stray  thick hairs that have decided to make themselves a home in my chin and emerge from time to time, due to my impending glorious old age.

There were none today, but I suddenly realised the pores were looking a bit cloggy, so I found an old tube of face pack that I probably bought in 1997 and the face pack is on…and actually starting to feel a little tight, so I must dash ! You might think I am completely barking, publishing photos of my face covered in mud, but it cannot get any worse, as for years, the first picture that came up when you googled GP  was  me doing a singing warm up exercise, looking like a wide mouth  frog…it seemed to have disappeared so I thought I needed something as frivolous.

 Talking of facial hair, I have noticed several men are growing tashes this  November for a charity… Movember. Gary Linacre had a sporty one on Match of the Day this weekend, and Stephen Fry is also sporting one too as are many men around the place….check them out!. ‘During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.’ Women are encouraged to support their men, I wonder it we should grown Moustaches too? ha ha ha. I have always had a terrible allergy to a man sporting a moustache…if he has loafers on too, well that is it! I am away! Funny though, as I have seen a couple of tashes recently that I have felt very affectionate towards.

This dried mud is definately startin to hurt a bit now…it has been on waaaaay longer than supposed to be… I  am off to rinse it off…..Hope there is no sell by date for mud…..Later x x x x

SONG OF THE DAY -The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain -The Good , the Bad and The Ugly

This is marvellous……..

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