Photo of the Day – Autumn Colour in Hyde Park

Earlier this week I googled ‘autumn colour in London’ and someone had said that Rotten Row in Hyde Park was particularly good for autumn colour. We, humf, would have to disagree. Well, I suppose in some ways the statement is correct as there is colour…one colour. All the London Planes are the same colour, yellow. What you are looking for in real good autumn colour is a spectrum…. shades of. I have always found Hyde Park a bit dull in comparison to our local, Hamsptead Heath. Got to say, I saw better autumn colour on the train going to Mill Hill the other day than in Hyde ‘Yellow’ Park.

I took a picture of the Serpentine. Actually the autumn colour looks quite nice here. I then got bored and drove Mr P. completely barmy as I started taking pictures of  things people had discarded  on the ground in Hyde Park which was much more fun, but very annoying if you are supposed to be on a date.


I think I have posted this before. The video is filmed where the Barbican is now built. Funny that the singer looks like he just popped out of an office to sing this song.

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