An hour and a half queue for the Natural History Museum

YOU are kidding me? You are having a laugh? I am not kidding you or having a laugh. Weeping children all over South Kensington whose parents were were definitely not going to queue -and a heck of a lot more who were going to queue.

bundle at the science museum

We did not – and I have to say the nephew and niece were more grown up, we had already done all the interactive area of the Science museum, the V& A, I think a visit to Harrods helped ( no queue there). Today it is raining and we are going to see Buckingham Palace, I might have to post my favourite song again..I love  ‘a soldier’s life is terrible hard’

SONG OF THE DAY- They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace


  1. An hour and-a-half hour queue of children? – scarey!
    And I love Ann Stephens’ diction – I had to go on to her “cover” of Teddy Bears Picnic too (or was she the first?). What became of her?

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