After the parting of Steve Jobs, someone mentioned the significance of the apple as a symbol in  history. Someone has noticed that there was an apple in the Garden of Eden, an apple in Isaac Newtown’s great  eureka moment, and an apple as the icon for  the most rapid  technological advancement to hit the modern world.

Mr P. piped up ‘ how come William Tell did not get a mention?‘ I also remembered that the Beatles record company was called Apple, so the apple hall of fame is growing all the time. All a bit random, perhaps, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for apple symbols now.

But fret not, because today, mainly in the UK, is the day when we can celebrate all things apple.  Yes, October 21st is APPLE DAY , a celebration of apples and orchards. Once again, this one had passed me by – possibly as there are not many orchards round my manor, but today I will celebrate the fair apple.

We did wonder where apples came from in the ancient days. I did some digging and found the biggest current producers of apples in the world was China , followed by the US, Iran then Turkey, Russia, Italy and India. The tree originated in West Asia, where the Alma its wild anscestor is still found. There are move than 7,500 different varieties of apple…wow!

SONG OF THE DAY -The Apple Song  -Plank Road Publishing

A fab song for kids from the US with so many types of apples mentioned I have never heard of as we only seem to be able to get abut 6 types of apples in the UK ( I know there are more ‘rare breeds’ around) because of some type of european something or other…I know golden delicious, gala ( which the children prounce as gay-la) pink lady, cox, braeburn, russet and then I almost run out of apples. Tragedy.

and if you don’t fancy that and fancy a bit of melancholia…