National Chuckle Day

Me & Mr P.

Yes it is seriously a day for a chuckle, a laugh, a titter. A day to throw off all the misery and pain and find something that just make you remember that there are so many hilarious things about being alive! One of my favourite films is Sullivan’s Travels by Preston Sturges -made in the 1930’s .

The story is about a Hollywood director who makes comedies and decides he want to do something much more worthy, a film about human suffering. I shall not give the story away , but in the end he realises what the gift of giving people laughter. And by gum…we all need to laugh and take things lightly as often as we can.

If we could all find tearing up rejections letters so funny the world would be a far lighter place.

SONG OF THE DAY -The Laughing Policeman

I have posted this before, you can’t beat it…but feel a need for an injection of chuckles today on this National Chuckle Day. Hang on in there…as they say…things can only get better, the only way is up. Unless of course you have peaked, in which case it is down hill all the way! Freewheeling…yeh! x x

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