2nd October – International Day of Non-Violence

I found this article in the Asian News. Today is the anniversary of Ghandi’s birthday. I must walk around with some sort of bag over my head as I did not know about this day at all. Perhaps it is not given much focus in this part of the world which seems a bit of a shame. I am taking a quote from the article  by Anthony Charanghat for me to reflect upon today

“today, when we are engulfed by the dark forces of corruption, consumerism and carnage in our country, we need the courage, character and charisma of Mahatma Gandhi who dared to speak the truth, was ready for sacrifice to purify his character, and relied on non-violence to overcome violence, so that he could lead our nation to freedom from the bondage of oppression and evil.

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, as we reflect on his principles of satya (truth), tyaag (sacrifice) and ahimsa (non-violence), we get a glimpse of a genuine Gandhian which is a far cry from the claims of our netas(political leaders).”

So if anyone annoys me today I shall try hard not to  punch then in the gob -ha ha, as if I would.

Song of the Day – Cat Stevens  – Peace Train

This live version is lovely…great to hear him introduce the song too, sounds like a lovely London geezer. I have his songbook and sing a few. Love the man and all he stands for musically and spiritually.

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