When Did I Become ‘In Charge of Cabling’?

I must say  I have two reactions to couples who have specifically defined roles in their relationship, one is mild amusement  and the other is envy. To be that organised that you know that partner 1 always fills the washer and partner 2 empties it, that partner 1 always washes and partner 2 dries and puts away, partner 1  always drives and partner 2 books the flights online really appeals to the side of me that wishes I was less shambolic and more orderly. On the other hand I find it slightly amusing, don’t ask me why…it just does.

Today as I was despairing at all the clutter that is still here after our so called ‘summer of decluttering’ . When I remarked about some messy internet leads I was told by Mr P., in no uncertain terms,  that I was in charge of all things cabling! I was only harping on about playing to ones strengths and not giving too much emphasis on our weakness just the other day and now I am in charge of cabling? mmmmm. So now Mr. P. is reading this over my shoulder guffawing with laughter…not at my witty post…’ha ha ha’ he quips ‘you have always been in charge of cabling’…there you go! you learn something new everyday. peace and love. x

SONG OF THE DAY -Celia Cruz -Guantalamera

Wonderful woman! Great song and performance…cracking band…I love the way they push the words in the chorus.

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