I Will be a Hummingbird – I Will do the Best I Can

This is a beautiful piece of video dedicated to Wangari Maathai who died yesterday of during an operation for cancer at the age of 71. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for promoting conservation, women’s rights and transparent government – the first African woman to get the award, she also founded the The Green Belt Movement, which has planted 20-30 million trees in Africa. She will be greatly missed.

SONG OF THE DAY – I am Awake -Polly Bolton

I love this woman. Polly has written a song for Wangari, but I can’t find it this morning so you can have another of her beautiful compositions which again is a real affirmation for being alive on a grey Monday.

I am awake it is a new day


  1. The song Polly Bolton wrote to honour Wangari Maathai is “Unbowed”, after her book. I also have not been able to find it sung on the internet.

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