Sore Feet – No Sofa

I'll Take it!

Today I spent 8 hours tramping round the West End trying to find a new sofa.

I’ll take it!
I'll Take it!

The old one got donated to a new home where it fits much better, as it was and has been way to big for our small lounge ever since we bought it in a fit of emotional pique one January Sale about  6 years ( without measuring it).

Yes ..That'll Do
Can You Wrap it Up For Me Please?

I have been moaning about its size for  all that time and although I am happy to have the space we have no-where to lie down  and  dissolve into a heap of nothingness in front of the idiot box and the space now allotted for new sofa is only 144cm in width. We tried every shop in the West End and I spent more on sticking plasters than sofas.

Beam me up Scotty

Oh and the Christmas trees are already up in the toy department of Selfridges……arrrrrghghghgh.

We are now no where nearer our quest…and now I am off to have a grapefruit  juice in the pub. Set them up Johnny!

SONG OF THE DAY -Siyahamba

By this lovely African Children’s Choir -I sing this song a lot with kids..and I was reminded with all the walking I have done in the last 2 days ( I walked home form St Pancras too yesterday) ‘we are walking in the light of God’

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  1. We had the same sofa problem when we moved into this shed we’re living in. The only one we could find that was small enough was at IKEA (I’m not a big fan of theirs but needs must!).

    I find a couple of shandies always help sore feet 🙂

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