Photo Challenge of the Week – UP

 I did the challenge yesterday and I am doing it again. Seems silly not to, especially as I have taken so many photos with the ‘Up’ theme. This one is taken on New Years Eve.

We were up North at Mr P’s family and looked out of the window and the were hundreds of these balloons making their way over the darkened skyline, as the wind swept them all in the same direction. In London people have started to let these more eco friendly (unless you are thatched) and peaceful alternative to fireworks, but with their being so little opportunity to see any skyline in our manor, the sight quite took me by surprise. It was lovely seeing all these orange glowing balloons floating away into the night. I was reminded of them as the nights are already drawing in and people are talking about how they will be spending Christmas…Eek.

SONG OF THE DAY – The Fifth Dimension -Up Up and Away -Written by Jimmy Webb. I went to see Jimmy Webb do a one man evening a few years ago at the Bloomsbury Theatre where he told funny stories about his life and played songs, old and new, just him and his piano, it was lovely insight into the man. I also have a fantastic book about songwriting that Jimmy wrote, which I must read again.


  1. have i told you my slightly amusing story in which one of these lanterns might have been lovingly released from a balcony and may then perhaps have plummeted slightly with gravity rather than floating beautifully away?

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