It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better…

 Today I have thrown away what looks like about 5000 pieces of paper, mostly music and old lesson plans, into the recycling of course. I now have a desk that once again looks like the robbers have been into the place and seriously trashed it. The problem with any type of renewal is that it often takes a turn for the worse before it gets better.

A bit like the old toxin clear out, where you eat apples for three days and feel utterly wretched for as long – the same can be true of all decorating projects. I usually start any clearing, painting and decorating project with a surge of enthusiasm, followed by a feeling of  complete desperation as the flat or room looks like Trinny the Tornado came to town. The same thing happens when I decide to have a ‘bit of a clutter clear’.  If I did this every week, the problem would not be so bad, but August tends to be the time, I have time, so I am in the middle of some serious doldrums. As I type this I am holding my elbows in for fear of another pile of   papers, old books, music, plastic folders, old bills comes crashing at my feet….argh the list goes on…just found a mandolin under a pile of rubbish!

Continue the mantra and breathe….it gets worse before it gets better…. breathe….it gets worse before it gets better….. breathe….it gets worse before it gets better.

SONG OF THE DAY – Robert De Niro’s Waiting

It is Robert De Niro’s Birthday so a bit of Bananarama…ha ha! One of them ( the one in the middle) uses the same gym as me…and years ago we stood side by side in the VIP Limelight bar sipping cocktails…talking about the fact that some bloke  I knew who produced their later records thought we looked like sisters…she don’t know me from Adam. He said they could sing ok and did everything in one take. So Happy Birthday Robert De Niro and well done Bananarama.

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