Do You Know Your Onions?

As we watched Mr P’s dad pull up his onions and stick them lovingly in his greenhouse I wondered Where does that saying come from?, you know the one…”It pays to know your onions”onions

It’s a quirky little phrase that I cannot imagine anyone under a certain age using, so I am now working on us rekindling this with today’s yoof. Let’s see if we can get someone to add it to a rap. Let me see……what rhymes with onions…bunions…ha ha now I can’t see that being a street issue for the yoof either. Ah well, so it might be one of those phrases that disappears into the mist with so many. Except with the recession lots more people are starting to grow their own food.  Many estates round our way are getting people together to grow vegetables. Mr P is involve in the Transitions Tufnell Park, and also helping some locals set up a  garden allotment. A lovely person has let their garden be turned into an allotment.

So back to the onions…What do you do once you have a greenhouse full? Particularly when it is full of big spanish onions? They last between 3-6 months in the greenhouse and I have been doing research that says they don’t freeze that well, and the best way to do them is to flash freeze them, which is a bit fiddly as you have to cut them up and lay them on a tray, freeze them for four hours then put them into freezer bags. If you freeze them straight into bags they all stick together. Mr P’s mum says that sounds fine as she would just give them a hefty  whack on the floor to separate them. So we are comparing and contrasting the flash frozen and the straight into the bag and will get back to you. Also french onion soup is going to be made….and lots of it.

SONG OF THE DAY  – The Onion Song -Marvin Gaye

Now come on! Could it be anything else?

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