Let’s Hear it for the Sheep

sheepThe birds seem very quiet this time of year. Mr P says  it is a classic time for many birds to lose their feathers so they tend to skulk around a bit and don’t really feel they have much to sing about as they look a bit raggedy and flying aint much fun…not sure if he is making all that up, but it sounds good. The wood pigeons and and crows seem fairly unphased and continue to coo and crow. The most wonderful sound that filled my weekend was  the sheep. Such a great sound, and so varied in pitch. I have a mind to go crawling round with my sound recorder …oh I did ….here is a tiny sheep clip  of their baa-ing  that were right outside our abode. I wish I could have taken them back to London with me..but I am  not sure if the neighbours would have liked it much and I would run out of grass in about 3 seconds and they would all die of starvation, unless I took them to the park, and they would get run over getting there….

SONG OF THE DAY -Christine McVie -Songbird

I love Christine McVie’s voice and this is a lovely performance of this song. A favourite of mine.

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