Another Tin of Organic Sweetcorn

Last night it had tahini and miso and butter as condiments, tonight it is sardines, ( take note, DV) lemon, butter and tamari and it is way past supper time too.  I am too busy to cook. it is my day five, teaching at the Guildhall Rock and Jazz Summer school . Too many charts to write out, song books to sort…etc etc….having a gas. Tuesday Night’s gig was the most fun I have  ever had on stage with a loud drummer ( ha ha ).

Here is a constant craving snippet of me  singing with DC on AV’s (what does this all mean?) and the luscious band ..there that was short and sweet!

2 more long long fun filled days of bands and singers and choirs and recording and concerts. The end of week concert has 35 acts and they are supposed to be limited to 6 minutes each ….ha ha…that will never happen with so many Jazzers…One year the end of week concert lasted 4 hours. So there will be siege mentality on Friday…extra kendal mint cake all round….

So hopefully I shall get something a bit more substantial than porridge or Sweetcorn tommorrow.

SONG OF THE DAY -Rikki Lee Jones-Last Chance

The Band did this last night with DC on vocals and I was reminded what a great song it was. And what a marathon sing it is. YOu have to have a finely crafted voice to do this one justice…and DC most serpantly did!

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